American Express

prepare a PowerPoint presentation that outlines recommendations you want to make for your client organization in your presentation to their executive team.
Your PowerPoint presentation will include Speaker’s Notes for all the content slides.
The structure for your presentation should include the following slides:
1. Title slide – name of the organization for whom you are a consultant, name of our class, date, your email & phone contact information
2. Agenda
3. 8-10 content slides – Please include the following required slide headings in your PowerPoint:
a. Introduction/Topic of Discussion
• Include a company history or organizational background in this section. Why is the expansion to global markets important for this company?
b. Issues
• Describe the problems/issues/initial setbacks you anticipate in the process of implementation
c. Alternatives
• The alternatives are proposed options that could be implemented. This is basically a list of things that could be done to avoid the potential setbacks in the organization’s expansion to global
d. Implementation/Recommendation
• Take one or two of your alternatives and use them in your implementation/recommendation. How will you implement your ideas? How will you proceed?
e. Solution/Summary
• After you implement the changes (in the recommendations section), what do you anticipate as the result? Why is the expansion to global markets an important option, now, for this organization?