American History

1.Describe The events leading up to the Civil War. Be certain to discuss important issues such as The Missouri Compromise, Bleeding Kansas, and etc. Also, the important people and publications such as: Nat Turner, Charles Sumner, and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the role of Democrat Party. Be specific.

2.Describe the events of the American Civil War from the outbreak of the war at Fort Sumter to the Battle of Petersburg. Be certain to discuss 3 major battles and their outcomes. Why were these battles important? Be certain to describe 2 major figures and their individual contribution to the war. Be specific.

3.The Mexican-American War was a complicated matter. What caused the war? How did the US respond to the conflict? What was the final outcome and what impact did it have the US? Be specific.

4.Texas became an independent Republic in 1832. What lead to this dramatic confrontation? Describe this conflict? What caused it? How did it end? What did it mean for Texas and America?

5.The modern Democratic Party has its foundation in the election of Andrew Jackson, describe the “Age of Jackson”. What were his major accomplishments? What were his major failures?

6.Politics in America are a complicated process. Discuss the issue of slavery in the Old South. Who supported it and who benefitted from it? How did other American’s view the South’s “Peculiar Institution” and what did they do about it? What did this mean for the political parties such as the Whigs, Democrats, Republicans, Unionists, etc.