American Identity in the Progressive Era



From 1880 until the conclusion of World War I in 1918, the United States population,
economy, and role in international relations grew significantly. Amidst these changes,
Americans argued about identity- Who was an American, and how was this status to
be determined?

Using at least three of the following sou’ces (available in American Yawp), identify and
analyze a theme in American debates over identity- While these sowces reflect many
themes, you job is to choose one theme and analyze it fully-

Carnegie, “The Triumph of America”

Riis, “How the Other Half Lives”

Gilman, “Why I Wrote ‘The Yellow Wallpaper”

Wells-Barnett, “Lynch Law in America”

Kipling, “White Man’s Baden”

Phelan, “Why the Chinese Should Be Excluded”

Addams, “The Subjective Necessity of Settlement Houses”

Washington, Atlanta Compromise Speech

DuBois, Excerpt from The Souls of Black Folk

Woodow Wilson, Addess to Congress, 1917

Emma Goldman, Speech on Patriotism