American Lit

Compare and contrast the various themes and depictions of religion in at least two of the following authors’ works, covered in this course.
i. Bradstreet
ii. Taylor
iii. Edwards
iv. Wigglesworth

Explain how each of the authors depict relationships with God.

Describe the way Poe writes.
Explain the effect of the way he writes or the way the narrator relates the story.
Highlight and examine specific passages that strike you as revealing or particularly important and analyze their significance.
Analyze the moral ambiguity in either assigned Hawthorne text and describe the characters.
Explain the overall theme and story as a whole.
Explain how particular characters, actions, places, etc. are clearly laid out as “good” or “evil.” Justify your rationale.

Slavery is a common subject in the texts that we have read. Write a literary analysis paper,explain how different authors’ have portrayed slavery and how it affects society (religion, women’s rights, etc.).

Address at least three of the following authors’ works, covered in this course.
Garrison Sigourney
Support each part of your literary analysis with MLA cited examples/quotes from each text.

Explain how the role of women changed in the works from the literary movements covered in this course.

Trace the treatment of and attitudes towards women that are portrayed.

Explain the concerns of women in the texts you address.

Explain how women’s place in society has changed over time.


Online community

“What does community mean to you?’

What are some best practices for online instructors who wish to create a successful community of learners?

What is the role(s) for the instructor in building community in an online course?

What are the role(s) for the learners in a successful online community?

How will you deal with any ethical, cultural, and/or gender implications related to community development?