American Literature

-Why, it was Mr. VVinterbournel He saw me—and he cuts mer What a clever little reprobate she was, and how smartly she played an injured innocence, But he wouldn’t cut her. Winterbourne came forward again, and went towards the great cross. Daisy had got up; Giovanelli lifted his hat. Winterbourne had now begun to think simply of the craziness, from a sanitary point of view, of a delicate young girl lounging away the evening in this nest of malaria. What if she were a clever little reprobate? That was no reason for her dying of the perniciosa. “Hove long have you been here?” he asked, almost brutally.
Daisy, lovely in the flattering moonlight, looked at him a moment. Then—”All the evening,” she answered gently…. “I never saw anything so pretty.” (317)
In a blog post between 500 and 700 words, discuss how this passage heightens the effect of Winterbourne’s realization. Indeed, explain Winterbourne’s realization (occurring just before this passage), and then address how the setting and characters, plus the threat of disease, impacts that realization. Note: In this class, blog posts are an informal genre of academic writing serving the purposes of virtual class discussion, so don’t worry about making an argument and supporting it at every turn. Instead, focus on developing interesting observations based on my prompt that others can respond to—observations that can be speculative and loosely connected. In short, blog posts, like your comments during class discussion, are examples of thinking aloud.