American Society

On slide 6 of the PowerPoint for Chapter 1, author Shirley Biagi states that there are three key concepts to remember when thinking about mass media and their impact on American society. There three concepts are: The mass media are profit-centered businesses. Technological developments change the way mass media are delivered and consumed. Mass media both reflect and affect politics, society, and culture. She goes on the explain these concepts in Chapter 1 of the textbook. For your short paper (5-7 pages, typed double-spaced, with 1 inch margins on top sides and bottom, proof-read and spell-checked) please pick one mass medium, (newspapers or radio or television or film or books or magazines). Please write about how the medium makes its money, how the medium has changed over time in terms of its delivery and consumption, and how the mass medium both reflect and affect politics, society, and culture. You may use the textbook as a research source, correctly citing where you got your information. You may also do further research.