An American History

1) Analyze the policy of containment. How did the United States enact this policy?
2) Explain the role of women in 1950s American society. What were women expected to do? What kind of work did they perform? How was this idealized lifestyle supposed to be a weapon in the Cold War? Be sure to use Richard Nixon’s kitchen debate in your answer, as well as the idea that the home became the center of freedom.
3) During the 1960s, the United States had become a more open, more tolerant—in a word, freer—country. Defend or refute that statement.
Analyze the historical significance of Watergate.
4) How did President Clinton bring about a shift in American politics by accepting many of the premises of his opponents? Be sure to analyze Clinton’s speech in “Voices of Freedom” in your textbook.
5) George W. Bush commented in his 2001 inaugural address that America had gone out into the world to protect, not to possess; and to defend, not to conquer. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give examples to support your position.