An analysis of this social interaction.

Step 1: Think of a time in the past 2-3 months when you witnessed an informal social norm being broken. You can choose a situation in which YOU broke the norm, or one in which you watched someone else break the norm.

Step 2: Write an analysis of this social interaction. In your paper, address the following:

  1. What was the setting and who were the major players involved? How did this norm-breaking event unfold?
  2. How did you know that a norm was broken? What SHOULD HAVE happen if social norms were obeyed? How do you know this and where did you learn it?
  3. How did the “audience” respond to the norm-breaker? What sanctions were used to enforce conformity to the norm (be specific)?
  4. How did the deviant norm-breaker cope with the situation? How did they employ impression management or otherwise manage their presentation of self (Erving Goffman)?
  5. What cultural values are attached to this norm? What can we conclude about the importance of this norm in society?