An efficient elephant flow detection approach for network management

Write a paper titled “optimal elephant flow detection “that paper is implemented in C++ ,the evaluation is in python. For my thesis the implementation will be that paper implement in python using same algorithm, method, and my topic name will be “An efficient elephant flow detection for network management” the whole thesis must have 65 pages

You need to complete the CODING part and do some revision.

what i need the most is experiments of the paper”An optimal elephant flow detection”then thesis will be written after implementation being done ,in the document you sent there’s no ware talking how those algorithm been used (IM-SUM and DIM-Sum) also the datasets mentioned in that paper like Caida,UCLA,Youtube,etc). The most needed is the implementation , the theories will come after .Thanks

you can tell to implement that paper in python programming language using same methods ,datasets,….first i will need the experiments then thesis will be after

should be composed by 6chapters (abstract,introduction,2.literature review,3.methodology,5. evaluation and analysis,6. conclusion and
recommendation or futures and references(at least 80 ref)

the first thing i need is the implementation of that paper ,and it should be implemented in Python 3.6 , same method, and same datasets will be used and all those datasets are mentioned in the paper”An optimal elephant flow detection ” here there’s a link of the sources codes: , for the sets you can send a request to the sites and get access to them ,for example:, Tha last will be to write thesis where the thesis should have 6chapters and 65 pages is ok and the references are very important ,you can site the reference with numbers (IEEE ref will be better). later i can send some thesis which have been done by other senior students.hopefully this time you will not disappoint me ,am waiting i two days once we can go for refund.Thanks and enjoy your work. Here example of a written thesis is attached.