An inconvenient truth

An inconvenient truth

Order Description

Watch the movie An Inconvenient Truth (2006). Write 4 pages, typed, double-sided, 11pt font.

When writing your movie analysis, consider the following points of discussion:

• What are some of the arguments presented in the film that human-induced climate change is occurring?

• Do you think more action should be taken to mitigate global warming? If so, explain what should be done. If not, explain why you feel this way.

• Do you think the film was an effective documentary? Explain.

• Would you recommend the film to your family and friends? Explain.

• Did the film inspire, advocate, convince, and/or criticize? If so, how? • What are some misconceptions related to global warming and climate change?

• Describe the evidence presented to support human induced climate change.

• Describe how industrial, social and economic factors influenced the film.

• Did you feel that there was bias in the film? Why or why not?

• Were you impacted by the film? How?

• State and discuss an issue presented in the film that really resonated with you and was most memorable.