An increase in the average global temperature per year correlates to an increase in natural disaster spending in the United States since 1980.

W?????????????????????rite a 10-12 page (double-spaced) literature review. The general structure of your review should include: – An introduction which highlights the motivation for this research and an explanation of why this research matters/is significant in today’s society – Discussion of previous relevant literature, including controversies and/or inconclusive results – A brief summary of how your project plans to contribute or add to this body of knowledge (this will help you transition to your theory/hypotheses section later on) – Remember, avoid the boxcar method! 2) Provide an APSA formatted bibliography for the sources you referenced. Your literature review should include a minimum of 10 scholarly references Abstract: An overview of the entire research project, generally less than 150 words ? Introduction/Background/Literature review: Includes introductory ‘hook’ or relevance to the real world, Explains prior research that has been done in this area (including controversies or inconsistencies) ? Development of theory/research question: Explains how your research adds to, extends, or departs from prior literature, Explains your general rationale for undertaking this pr?????????????????????oject ? Hypotheses: Provides specific expectations about the association between your variables, Lays out what statistical relationships you plan on testing ? Data and methodology: Explains where the data comes from, Explains how your concepts are operationalized/measured, Notes any recoding or reformatting of variables (this section should be clear and detailed enough so that someone could easily replicate your data given these methodological steps) ? Results: Includes descriptive statistics for your IV/DV, includes at least 2 graphs (e.g., histogram, scatterplot, bar chart) and includes at least 1 regression analysis, Explains your findings as it relates to your hypotheses (supporting or rejecting). NOTE: I have the date in SPSS Discussion: Summarizes in non-statistical language the findings within the results section ? Concluding thoughts: The ‘so what?’ aspect of your paper, Provides a big picture takeaway and implications for future research ?