An international nonprofit dilemma

You are the global VP for College Campus Voice Exchange (COVE) with a mission to help students on college campuses in third-world countries develop student governments, advance student groups on social issues, and help elevate the higher education experience for student exchanges. COVE has a new program director, Juan Pierre, who has extensive experience in North America and Europe working with college student groups. He reports to you and has proposed offering a new program based on a model touted by Zachary Wood. Mr. Wood has a model of bringing people together on his college campus to discuss very diverse views to advance free speech on campus. His aim is to advance free speech while teaching people to face each other when they have wildly opposite views. He sends you a link to Mr. Wood’s TED talk with an outline to pilot it in a few countries. The TED talk: https://www.ted.comttalks/zachary_r_wood_why_it_s_worth_listeningto_people_we_disagree_with (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Draft instructions to Mr. Pierre explaining that you’d need further review of launching a pilot in one or more countries. Describe at least three criteria that a country (and its culture) would have to meet before the proposal could be further reviewed by in-country experts for approval.