Analyse the effect that dementia has on a person and their carer

Analyse the effect that dementia has on a person and their carer

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Handy tip: you can decide to write this essay in two sections. Section 1 as ‘analyse the effect that dementia has on a person’, and section 2 as ‘analyse the effect that dementia has on a carer’. If you do this, ensure that all learning outcomes are addressed equally. Or you can address the topics together.

Learning Outcome
How to apply the learning outcome to the essay

Understand the clinical condition, prevalence and care pathway options for people with dementia
Here is important that you make some reference to the different types of dementia that exist, so that you demonstrate understanding, however, don’t fill your work with huge lots of description. Statistics (prevalence) here are useful to strengthen your case.
It is important too that you make reference to, and understanding of the necessity for care pathways. Again, do not write lots of description.
Evaluate own and others personal values and professional models of integrated care as applied to people with dementia
Models of care 1 and 2 offer some insights into how people with dementia have and are now being cared for. Show awareness of the controversies and the critical standpoints and make connections. Try to link to wider issues here that are relevant and pertinent.
Analyse relevant policy issues and legislative frameworks
Introduce the necessity of policy decisions; why they have been made, by whom and when. The un-assessed presentations in week 5 will assist here, so it is important you take notes during these presentations.
Enhance the particular communication and social skills in dementia
Visiting speakers will touch on issues here that will need to be addressed. You can discuss how dementia affects communication and any contentious treatment etc.
Analyse the management outcomes of dementia care
This is very much linked to LO1, 2. Management outcomes are akin to values, as the values of care delivered affect the management outcomes. Do not be tempted to repeat stuff here, but try and deal with it altogether.
Identify appropriate care networks, resources and theories
Ensure that any contentious issues are discussed in this section which relates to the carer. Try to develop an original line of thought here as you discuss and debate critical standpoints.

Indicative Reading
KEYT TEXT: The module reader is: Innes, A. (2009) Dementia Studies, London: Sage
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