Analysis Essay



1. What is your subject? Internet video of a performance of
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (4th Movement).



2. Why have you chosen this subject? I have watched it several
times. It is a moving performance done by Japanese musicians
and singers right after the earthquake/tsunami that devastated
Japan in 2011.


3. Identify a possible thesis question? Why does this video have
such a deep effect on me?


4. What is the answer to your thesis question? This video has
such a deep effect on me because of the situation surrounding
the performance, the quality of the musicians, and the quality of
the singing.


5. What three factors make your thesis valid?
1. The situation.
2. The quality of musicians.
3. The quality of singing.


6. For each factor, describe the evidence you will provide that
supports your claim:
Factor 1: Description of the earthquake that hit Japan in March
of 2011.
Factor 2: Note the particular parts that move me and compare to
other performances of Beethoven’s 9th
Factor 3: Note the particular parts that move me and compare
Japanese to Western culture.


7. Define your subject: My subject is a video of a performance of
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, 4th Movement by the NHK Symphony
Orchestra of Tokyo, Japan. This the orchestra performance
occurred weeks after the devastating earthquake that hit Japan
in March of 2011. The video records the whole symphony, but
the part that I am focusing on is the 4th Movement.


8. Based on your definition, what is the theme of your essay? Art.


9. Define your theme: Art is a part of human experience that
involves the creation of image, sound, language or product that
is unique in some way. Art allows for human expression and
creation that gives individuals and groups some sense of feeling
or purpose.


10. Identify at least two important characteristics of your theme:
–1. It is a unique human creation.
–2. At its best, it can give humans a sense of worth and purpose,
even in the worst of times.
11. Why should I as your reader care about your subject and
thesis claim that you’re making of it? This video shows the
enduring strength and beauty of the human spirit. Through a
playing of Beethoven’s great symphony, the NHK Symphony
shows that despite a horrific event that killed thousands of its
fellow citizens, the musicians and singers give a performance for
the ages that transcends the tragedy and misery that followed
the earthquake.