Analysis of a video documentary review.

Complete a video documentary review. Find a video documentary online about an era of contemporary world history covered in this course that is of special interest to you. Your task is to review that documentary as follows:

Begin by writing an introduction stating briefly what the documentary covers: the story, the main people, location, and time period. You must end your introduction with a sentence connecting to the core of the paper; you can do so in many ways but it must serve as a smooth transition to the next section. You must refer to the documentary by title—provide the URL to the documentary as well. This section of the review should be no less than 1/3 of a page (100 words).

In the core of your review, show that you understood what you saw in the documentary by describing the main events/people presented in the video and the consequences of what happened as depicted in the documentary. Since this is a reflective assignment, you must include third person personal comments using expressions such as “it was interesting to hear…”, “seeing this individual do this was disturbing”, or “the fact that they did this was surprising”. You are reflecting on the events. Do not use first person wording such as, “I found this interesting to hear…” or any word like “we”, “you, “us” that personalizes the reflection. This section of the review should be no less than two pages (500 words).

Finally, conclude your paper with your own personal reflection on the material in the documentary. This personal reflection must be on what you learned, not on whether or not you liked the documentary. Substance and depth is expected. Vague and/or generic statements are to be avoided. It is acceptable to use first person comments like, “I felt like…” or similar in this conclusion. This sections of the review should be no less than half a page (250 words).

Each section of the review (introduction, core, conclusion) should be clearly labeled with a heading. Do not use any outside sources other than checking the spelling of names or similar limited information. You will thus not have a Bibliography at the end of the review or citations of sources within the review. The review is to be based on your own observations while watching the documentary to show your understanding of the historical material.
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