Analysis of characters iBook

Peruse the website looking at images, videos and written stories. Select a story posted in the Top News on the main page to read. Then scroll down and look at the monthly news clip contest winners. View at least two photographers’ images. What did you see? How did the videos and images make you feel? Are the code of ethics being followed? What would Sarah say about what you saw? What about Mandy?

Take a stance on what is happening in Time Stands Still and defend either Sarah or Mandy. Use at least two examples of textual evidence in your response from the play to support your claims. Look at what Sarah, Mandy, James and Richard have to say about this issue. Also, use at least one example of detailed information from your Web Field Trip.
Using the characters in the play, comment on how we as society feed off the images of the media. What hold do you believe the media has in our lives, why? Which character in the play do you find yourself most agreeing with, why?