Analysis of classical OR operant conditioning.


Response paper #3 prompt

1) This RP asks that you draw on one of your own experiences to demonstrate your understanding and analysis of classical OR operant conditioning. This experience could be anything (e.g., taste aversion to food or fear of furry animals). Be sure to describe your experience in enough detail that I can understand your analysis.

2) Describe your experience (1 paragraph or about half page MAX)

3) Based on what you read in the textbook (Modules 20 & 21), identify the principles or concepts that your experience is capturing. Once you identified them, briefly describe each principle/concept. (1 parag or about half page MAX)
5) Link your experience to those principles/concepts you identified and described above (1 page MAX)
6) Come up with two questions that you want to know more about – just raise the questions and no need to answer them.
NOTE: Your submission should be 2 pages MAX, double spaced, 1-inch margins and 12-point font. BRING YOUR RP TO CLASS AND I WILL COLLECT THEM AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS.