Analysis of Security Standards (PCI-DSS)


In this essay you are required to critically describe and critically analyse the PCI-DSS (Payment card industry- Data Security Standard).

Your essay should have the following top-level structure: Background, evolution and the strategic aims of the standard (PCI-DSS).
The standard here is PCI-DSS.

You should also include the Importance of standards (PCI-DSS)
Brief explanation on four Entities involved in PCI-DSS as a part of background
1- Card brands (MasterCard, visa, AmEx)
2 – Banks (Act as agents)
3- Customer
4 – Businesses or merchants (from where goods are purchased)

How businesses work with PCI-DSS, what rules and standards do they follow
And finally what’s the strategic aim of PCI-DSS.

*Note – You have to address Background, evolution and strategic aims of the standard (PCI-DSS) but also include the points which I have stated as they are related to background and evolution