Analysis (SIA)

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Analysis (SIA) Paper?
The best professional ethic is a proactive, preventative one. The ideal is to anticipate and solve

problems before they occur. This kind of forward looking problem solving can be complex. It

requires a thorough understanding of the situation or technology under consideration as well as a

sophisticated view of the potential positive and negative consequences of the situation/technology.

All technology, even the most beneficially intended, has negative consequences.
In the Social Impact Analysis (SIA), you will be given the opportunity to develop some of these

forward looking skills as you analyze a leading edge design, product or concept related to your

field of study or that you are otherwise interested in. You will be given latitude to choose your

topic (it will need to be approved) and conduct the relevant, rigorous research necessary to

understand the positive and negative implications of the design/product/concept.You will be

expected to consider the most credible arguments for and against your topic. Finally, you will need

to develop a well-reasoned position on the topic. You will need to explain why we should or should

not deploy the design/product/concept you are analyzing. In developing your position, you will need

to anticipate and respond to the most forceful objections to it. Keep in mind that any given

technology can and often does have psychological, financial, and social impacts over and above its

immediate physical impacts.
You will be asked to synthesize the insights you have been developing throughout this course.

Specifically, you will be asked to apply one of the ethical theories we have discussed in this

course. Additionally, you may choose to apply, in detail, the relevant canons from your

discipline’s code of ethics. Insights developed from examining contemporary ethical challenges will

be important to include as well.
NOTE: The information above is to let you know what the SIA paper is talking about.
What I need you to do is a Proposal, and the instructions is below.

This is Social Impact Analysis (SIA) Proposal.

In your Social Impact Analysis (SIA), you will be asked to analyze a leading edge design, product

or concept. The idea is to choose a technology that has not been fully deployed yet and analyze its

potential positive and negative social impacts. These include not only physical impacts (e.g. human

health) but psychological, social, cultural, and financial impacts as well. This analysis, then,

entails looking forward and trying to make a well-reasoned case for or against the technology in

You will be given a fair amount of latitude with respect to the topic you choose. It must be

relevant to your discipline and feature a leading edge technology (this can include novel

applications of well-established technologies).
You will need to submit a topic proposal. It should be approximately 400+ words long and include a

brief description of the technology you have chosen along with a statement about why this topic is

important (and relevant to engineering ethics). Finally, you should anticipate potential benefits

and drawbacks to this technology.

1. Submit a 400+ word (approximately) topic proposal to the SIA Proposal link below as a Word

document (.doc or .docx).
2. Make sure the document includes your name and other relevant information in a header.
3. You will need to conduct preliminary research on your topic. You are required to list at

least three (3) sources you researched in preparing the proposal. Sources such as Wikipedia and do not count.