Analytical Report Assignment Shee

Analytical Report Assignment Sheet
Objective: Students will conduct independent research on a topic of their choice that is relevant to their major or area of interest. They will develop a research question and methodology for their investigation In addition, they will integrate credible sources into their report as evidence to support their analysis.
Assigned Reading & Examples: Chapter 10 ~ Analytical Report, pp. 260-301.
• Example 1. “The NSDUH Report,” pp. 436-438;
• Example 2. “Learning With Light,” pp. 451-462;
• Example 3. “Sexual Assault on Campus,” pp. 470-472.
Genre Template for an Analytical Report (Johnson-Sheehan)
Front Matter
• Title Page (two-part scholarly title, course, section, your name and date)
• Table of Contents, with pagination
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Methodology or research plan
• Data Analysis/Results
• Discussion of the results
• Conclusions/recommendations
Back Matter
• References
• Annotated Bibliography

Identify, define, and clarify a research topic you have a strong interest in. Develop it into a research question you will investigate. You will then organize a systematic plan for conducting your research and gathering information from credible scholarly or academic sources. Refer to your outline as you begin to write your first draft. Allow your outline to guide you through the paper. You may need to define technical terms and include a few technical descriptions in your report as a way to help the reader understand your concepts. Cite your sources using the APA style sheet. You may also want to provide a glossary of key terms.
Format: typed, single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font & subheadings
Length: 8-10 pages, with clear, legible visuals
Target Audience: well-educated professional or expert in your subject area
Copies: Bring three (3) copies of the first 3 pages of your report for Peer Review.
Canvas: Upload the first draft of your paper onto Canvas.
English 218 Writing Process & Key Deadlines.docx
Rubric: Technical Writing Rubric (Purdue, OWL).doc
Note on Methodology:
The objective of the report is for you to demonstrate your ability to conduct independent research on a topic that relates to your field of study. You will develop a research question which you will then investigate. As part of your planning process, you are asked to discuss what your methodology will be. What sources will you include? Who will you interview? Will you discuss your topic with a reference librarian? The methodology lets the reader know how you went about solving your problem. It also establishes your ethos, as a researcher who makes intelligent decisions about credible sources.