Analyze existing startup

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Please message me some ideas first. and then create 2 slides powerpoint

Now for the 10 slides for your decks – based on yesterday’s class (team leaders you must have your first team meeting this week on brainstorming ideas and getting then down toa list of your top 2-3). Slides:

1. Problem / Pain Point

2. Your Solution, Product & Value Proposition

3. Management Team / Expertise

4. Mission & Vision

5. Market Size & Growth Rate

6. Customers & How to Acquire / Market to Them

7. Competion

8. Risks

9. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Note: Some should be financial-related

10. The Ask & Payback Period on Ask

11. **Bonus Slide**

Note to class: You do not need to do the slides in exactly the order I am suggesting above, do what will work best for the flow in your pov. Also, I added an 11th bonus slide. Choose a sldie title that is critical to your businss area that is one of the 20 rejected areas or another not even mentioned yesterday and add that as important to have some flexibility to customize to your needs.