Analyze film

Analyze film

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Writing Instructions for Shot Analysis of North by Northwest

The clip link
You are responsible only for the first 36 shots although the clip is longer


number each shot and provide the following information:
a. if the shot is a close up (CU), medium shot (MS) or a long shot (LS)
b. if the shot is a high angle (HA) or low angle (LA) you do not need to indicate if the shot is at eye level; please bold the abbreviations
c. any movement within the shot — either a camera movement (pan or track) or
movement by the character should be noted
Moving images such as tracks and pans should be put in bold, as well as pov’s (point of view shots), and cuts on action (match cuts) or anything else you deem

You do not need to comment on sound

**Please conclude with one or two paragraphs explaining how Hitchcock manipulated the editing to create suspense

A sample of the first two shots of this scene appear below:

1. The camera pans an open field in LS
2. MS of man (Thornhill ) in foreground with field behind, indicating that the previous shot was his POV