Analyzing and comparing the three articles (Academic writing).

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Analyzing and comparing the three articles

Articles Bullock, D. (2011). Learner self-assessment: an investigation into teachers’ beliefs. ELT Journal, 65(2), pp. 114-125. Lin, L. and Evans, S. (2012). Structural patterns in empirical
research articles: A cross-disciplinary study. English for Specific Purposes, 31, pp. 150-160. Westerman, M. (2004). Is the butler home? Narrative and the split subject in The Remains of the Day.
Mosaic, 37(3), pp. 157-170.

2.The novel lazirallo de tormes

Lazirallo de tormes is a comic novel. Discuss the nature of the comic in the novel by considering the types of humor employed. who gets the last laugh?