Analyzing the Handmaid’s Tale


In the Handmaid’s Tale, there are two distinct ending chapters: One where our narrator Offered finishes her story with quick, uncertain questions about what’s next for her … and a separate finale that gives a less direct but more assured view of the future.

For a final essay on The Handmaid’s Tale, please write a thoughtful, coherent, and well-sourced essay about the final two chapters of the novel and a) if you consider them acceptable and strong endings, in a general sense, to the story we’ve been reading, b) tell how they connect to the book’s big ideas and themes and, c) state and explain if they are emotionally and artistically satisfying to you personally. Finally, write a fourth body paragraph about the fact that Ms. Atwood has announced she’ll be releasing a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, called The Testaments, later this year; does the announcement of a sequel nearly 34 years after the book’s first publication make you enthusiastic, or does it feel unnecessary and tired at this point?

While you should include direct quotations from the book, you must also include at least three quotations from outside works to support and strengthen your claims and statements: Interviews with Ms. Atwood would probably be useful and interesting, as would her new introduction to the books 30th anniversary edition (LINK BELOW); reviews (from the time of release, or later) and other commentary from other writers might be sources of quotes/support and ideas, as well. (While this essay is about your reactions, opinions and conclusions, finding another author/reviewer/scholar who has made the same point/supported the same claim and incorporating those external ideas into your essay to demonstrate how, yes, other readers have found or seen things in the book you can also find and see is a next-level boss move.)

This essay should be AT LEAST 1,200 Words

The 30th Anniversary Piece mentioned above is linked here.