Analyzing the social problem in the movie "The Scarlett Letter" (1995) and hybridizing two perspectives of sociology

Analyzing the social problem in the movie "The Scarlett Letter" (1995) and hybridizing two perspectives of sociology.

Analyzing Social Problems in Movies
• Identify, describe, discuss, and propose resolution to
a particular social problem in a film or in a movie
• 30% of course grade
• No one passes the course without submitting a term
paper (Must submit)
• Plagiarism means automatic “F” in the course. Run
through TURN-IT-IN (Electronic plagiarism checker).
Rate must be < 20%.Outline
I. A brief summary of the film – in your own words please — and identify and
explicitly state the social problem (SP) directly or indirectly addressed by the film
or movie assigned to you (10%) The film is THE SCARLETT LETTER!!!! (1995 movie with demi moore and gary oldman)

II. Identify and discuss the relevant bases of social inequality linked to that SP.
Discuss the objective and the subjective realities of that SP directly or indirectly
touched on by the film (30%)
III. Explain and analyze that SP in terms of the two theoretical perspectives in
sociology assigned to you. The two social theoretical perspectives that have been assigned are the Functionalist perspective and the Symbolic Interactionist perspective. You will have to hybridize these two perspectives.
Separate treatment of these is not palatable with me and will surely receive a
low score. With your hybridized perspective, discuss a strength and a
weaknesses in its ability to explain that SP (40%). (Note: Hybridized perspective
is the keyword)
IV. By integrating and applying materials from our course, devise two ways to solve
that SP. Cite studies, examples and statistics from your textbook and news
sources  — CNN, New York Times, etc. (20%)  just incase, the name of the textbook is Social Problems in a Diverse Society – 6th ed.


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