Anatomy & Physiology

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Your BFF texts you that she had a school physical and got her blood test results back and it shows that her blood potassium is low at 3.2, (normal is about 4.5), her serum albumin is low, and her
physical exam reveals a slowed heart rate (less than 40 beats per minute) with an irregular pulse. Her teeth show a loss of enamel. She has been constipated and has occasional abdominal pain. Her
periods have become irregular. She is losing weight and is scared. On your physical examination you find her abdomen is flat but there are excessive bowel signs. She feels she should be completely
healthy because she exercises all the time. She knows that you took an anatomy and physiology course and that you are the best person to explain to her what all this means, what could be causing
it, and what steps she can take to cure herself.