Ancient Greece at the Met

_ Read the Lecture for the week BE
| Engage in weekly Discussions to help develop ideas a
_ Visit the Met Archive at: http:/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an Do
external site. —
_ Produce a 500-700 word reflection assignment (see description below) 1
_ For your reflection assignment for this week, please select one primary example from the archive and address the

! following in a two-page reflection assignment:

_ Describe the example you have selected and provide the image in the essay and a link to the image in the reference

_ Explain the origins and context of the example.

Inctude examples from the textbook this week that help develop your analysis of the work and its context.

Include an example of a work of contemporary architecture with a link to the work and discuss the influence that ancient

Greece continues to have on contemporary cultural patterns.