Animal Road Accidents

Discussion; 1/3

You just purchased a new car and the entire front half of it gets smashed when Godzilla steps on it. Godzilla then steps
on another car that is the same in all qualitative traits as yours (it is the same make, model, year, color, etc., and even purchased on
the same day) and destroys the entire back half of that car. He then kicks your half-car into the other half-car and with a little bit of
fire and magic, fuses the two cars together. The back half of that car was yours and the front half of the other car was Molly’s, who
is standing right next to you with an amazed stare on her face. A single key for the car is in the ignition. Whose car is it? Yours?
Molly’s? No one’s? Both? Godzilla’s? An insurance company? Why? What makes you give that answer and not something else? Be
sure to discuss relevant philosophical aspects of identity when answering this prompt.
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just respond to anyone’s posts with a question or a comment
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Jun 17, 2019
Hi everyone,
In my opinion, that car will belong to Godzilla because of two points. Firstly, he was working hard on it to make a magical car for
himself. That car could not belong to Molly or me because the VIN is not matched between the front and the back. If we attempt
to operate that vehicle later, it would be illegal.
Secondly, without a doubt, Molly and I would run away from the scene instead of staying there and arguing who would be the
owner; I am pretty much sure that if we took that car from the Godzilla, we would be his enemy now. Moreover, we both would
claim the car insurance company for the loss, that would be the easiest and safest option for both.
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