Annotated bibliography

  1. Choose one of the two topics assigned to your world region (found in Group Works Docs).
  2. Find at least 3 scholarly Seneca database articles individually (peer reviewed journal articles) closely related to your selected topic. (3 marks)
  3. After reading those 3 articles do the followings for all 3 articles:
    a. Write a summary annotation describing the source following APA formatting style (2 paragraphs per article, 6 paragraphs all together).
    Paragraph 1: What does the document discuss, what was the focus, write the summary (7 marks)
    Paragraph 2: Identify and evaluate 3 key points from each article that are relevant to your research topic and write summary. (6 marks)
  4. Provide the reference at the beginning of the summary using APA referencing style. (4 marks)
    Refer to Seneca Library site for detailed instructions on how to write an Annotated Bibliography.