ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS SEPARATELY AND PRIVIDE 2 QUOTES TO SUPPORT THEM EACH: q#1: Reread the text and focus on the Arthurian writers named by the author. What did each
contribute to the Arthurian legend? What inference can you draw about the time period based on this information? Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.
Q#2: In paragraph 7, the author mentions non-British writers. What do these writers have to do with the Authurian legend? What inference can you draw about the legends
based on this information? Write your inference using the annotation tool. Q#3: Reread Geoffrey of Monmouth′s version f the Arthurian legend. In which way is the story
similar to the stories you have read in this unit ( The once and future king ) ? In what ways are they different? What does it tell you about the legend? use evidence
(quotes) to support your answer Q#4: Using the annotation you have done so far, what inference can you draw about history in the time of the Britons and the anglo
saxons? Use evidence such as quotes from the text to support your answer. Q#5: How much of the story of King Arthur as relayed by Aron is legend, and how much is
history? How do you know? Use evidence to support your answer. for the compare and contrast question #3 read the summary for the once and future king and excerpt from
chapter 8: Who was King Arthur to anwer the quesitons