Anthology film archives

Anthology film archives


For this assignment, you are to visit ONE of the screening spaces below and write a report on the venue.
List of screening spaces:
Anthology film archives
IFC Center
Film Forum
Light industry
The film society of lincon center
Landmark Lowes’s jersey theater
moma (film series)
museum of the moving image
nitehawk cinema
spetacle theater
union doc

1)  Light research as to the history of the space you choose, including the type of films it shows and the audiences it serves.

2) observations regarding the physical and social arrangement of the screening space

3) a BRIEF  ( no more than 4 lines) discussion of the film you saw( a film that would be showing this week at this venue) and how it relates to the programming profile

of the venue.

4) a consideration of how your particularly theatrical experience may relate to or depart from some of the historical accounts of film exhibition and spectatorship we

have discussed such as ( no need to use all of them, 2 or 3 is fine)

– the experience of watching a movie in a theater versus at home
– how this movie speaks in terms of where film has evolved in modern times
– the choice of the style of the film often indicates a political view in today society, so how this venue stands for, such as ( AMC, has big commercial films, it

seems the ultimate american theater ( Large cokes, popcorn, large room, large stairs, shinning, big blockbuster films.) an artsy venue, can stand for film that

indicate a different political idea.

Consider this a snapshot: You are writing this to provide a general picture of your chosen venue and to situate it with a broader context of movie going. It is NOT,

however, a review- do not discuss either in a positive way or a negative way., but rather analyze and remain attentive to the way the film- viewing experience is

organized. Nor should it be a dry disjointed list of facts about the venue.

Your task is to convey the experiential aspect of the theater in all its complexity.


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