Apple company

Describe the corporate communication area of one company of their choice. The company can be regional or international. Students are advised to select a company that provides information related to Corporate Communication on its website. This will help them examine the way corporate communication activities are managed inside the organization. Students must recommend a communication plan that will help enhance its reputation.
Students must orally defend their plans.

a. Introduction: Introduce the company. What will your presentation cover?

b. Company Overview: Describe the company you selected. Include major information about its history and development.

c. Corporate Communication Functions: On the company’s website, look for 5 or 4 examples that show Corporate Communication Strategies. Describe the examples. Then do an analysis of those Corporate Communication activities that shows how they help the company to achieve its goals and its importance to the organization. You can use other resources such as Google News or the company’s social media accounts to get this information.

These 4 corporate communication functions:

1- Investor relation
2- Media relations
3- Community relations
4- Organization communication

How the company engage in each one of them….

If you cannot found one of the functions you can search about government relations or Integrated communication if there are. But it must be 5 or 4 functions

d. Recommendations: Make a communication plan to enhance its reputation.

Create a plan on how improve reputation.