Apple in 2015 Case Analysis

Apple in 2015 Case Analysis (individual) 1. [20] The 5 big “whales” FacebooK Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google (aka FAANG) are battling for the online arenas of online commerce, retail, search, streaming, advertising, and mobile telephony. a. [10] What are their relative strengths and weaknesses in each area? b. [10] What do you envisage will be the scenarios in the arenas by 2025?
Since your Apple case mostly focused on the state of Apple leading up to 2015, it is fine to use that as the basis of your analysis. You can also use any recent news you’ve read about or research you’ve done. With the other companies. it will be a bit easier to find information about them now than to try to find news pertaining specifically to 2015.