Divided the paper into two part. Part one : uses the case of Apple-suppliers-Labor-Practices, which I would provide in the attachment, to answer two questions, Q1: Using Virtues Ethics, argue the situation in the case study is Not ethical and why. Go into detail about what you feel are the unethical issues involved. What would some of the primary Vitrue Ethicists say about the situation? Q2: Using Utilitarian Ethics. make the argument that the situation IS ethical and why. Go into detail about what you feel makes the situation an ethical one. what would some of the main Utilitarian ethicists we discussed say about the situation?
Part two: Choose outside research. find an ethical case related to the subject matter of the Case study, Apple-Suppliers-Labor-Practices. For instance, if your case from part one above is about Apple’s labor practices, find an example of corporate ethics. Answering the following three Questions 01: Describe the ethical issues involved in detail. Q2: Do you feel there’s a middle ground or is it an all-or-nothing situation? Explain why Q3: Tell me, in a perfect world where you’re in charge, how would this kind of issue be resolved?