Application of “baby” steps.


Discussion Question 5
Choose ONLY one (1) of the following questions to answer:
(1) Sometimes we learn new tasks using small or “baby” steps. In psychology, we refer to this as shaping, which includes learning as a result of successive approximations. Discuss something you either learned or taught using shaping techniques. Be sure to explain how shaping was at work in your example.

(2) One way we learn is by observing others. In psychology, we refer to this as observational learning or behavioral modeling. Discuss something you either learned or taught using behavioral modeling techniques. Since we can learn both positive and negative behaviors through observation, feel free to discuss a positive or negative learning experience.

Follow the rubric in order to obtain the highest score, use information from the book chapter 5

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feedback to follow
“do not summarize what your classmate said in her post… You’re supposed to further the discussion by responding to what your classmates say and providing additional insights, your own opinions, or questions you have based on their post.”

the textbook we are using in class is
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Psychology in Your Life with access code, 3rd Edition
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Sarah Grison & Michael Gazzaniga
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