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Give a 3-4 sentence response of each post below

POST 1) I think the motives behind occupational crimes and street crimes are different in some ways and similar in others. Both involve taking something that does not belong to you. and both wish to obtain benefits quickly with minimal effort (Walsh & Jorgensen, 2018). Occupational crime is generally committed by people in a position to do so….doctors by insurance and Medicaid fraud, lawyers by overbilling clients. Demographically, white collar criminals are not very different from street criminals when given the opportunity to commit a crime. There are also more victims of occupational (white collar) crime reported every year than victims of street crime. Social learning theory would emphasise that a new employee in a corporate environment might be socialized to fit in to “the way things have always been done”. Every small bend of the rules that bring the company more money, and the employee more praise, there is more incentive for further criminal behavior. Rational choice theory indicates that a lack of quality oversight, a corporation that focuses on maximizing profit and individual traits like aggressiveness and entitlement is the best explanation behind a white-collar crime.
POST 2) I believe occupational criminals have the same motives as street criminals. Street criminals could commit crimes to get “respect’ from their gangs, pickpocket for money, or shoplift a store for new clothes. Although occupational criminals are people who commit crimes with in in their job, the motive is the same. Both set of criminals simply WANT more. Gang members want more respect from their members, pickpocketers want more money and shoplifters want more items that they don’t want to pay for. Occupational criminals are no different. Lawyers can want more money so they will embezzle their clients funds. Secretaries can want more pens, notebooks and other office supplies for home or school and wont want to pay for them so they will steal them from work. The way these two sets of criminals go about committing crimes maybe in different ways, but I believe ultimately they are both breaking the law for the same reasons.