Applying an Ethical Decision-Making Model


This assignment helps you understand how integral ethical decision-making is in nursing. Ethics is the foundation of nursing practice and is especially important to health care policy.
Use the ethical framework identified in the article by Eun-Jun Park from this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings as the basis for this assignment.
Apply the ethical decision-making model in the article to the subject of access to care. Follow the steps provided in the model:
• State the ethical problem the policy aims to correct.
• Collect and analyze additional information:
o What populations does this serve?
o Who are the key stakeholders?
o What information is needed to overcome the problem?
o After looking at additional information, decide whether the initial problem was correctly stated.
• Develop alternatives and compare them:
o What alternative programs address the issues?
• Justify the decision:
o Explain why this is important, needed, or beneficial for vulnerable populations.
• Find strategies to implement the plan:
o What ethical arguments could you use to dissuade someone who disagrees with the program?
Format your assignment as:
• 875-word paper using Level 1 headings
Cite at least three evidence-based, peer-reviewed sources published within the last five years to support your position(s).
Include an APA-formatted reference list.