Applying for a cleaner job.

Background info if needed:

  1. Mother of 4
  2. Cared for my own child with disability (speech delay/deaf) now 17. He now at the age he can manage is own disability. Now I want to expand my career.

Task 1

Write a paragraph based on applying for a cleaner job.

Linking in with the previous role of a Nursery Practitioner placement and a current role Lunch Time Welfare Assistant job.
Nursery practitioner other duties other than caring for young children that relate to cleaning are, cleaning dinner areas/ higher chairs using correct spray and putting them out of reach, cleaning floors putting safety signs, cleaning and sterilising toys, cleaning and tidying all areas of nursery rooms using all types of cleaning equipment.
Welfare Assistant – Control the dinner queue; supervise and support pupils eating their dinners; control the behaviour of pupils while they eat their meals; supervise corridors/toilet areas at lunchtime; initiate and supervise games and control the behaviour of pupils in the playground; follow policies and procedures should pupils break the rules; deal with accidents in the playground or dining area; keep young pupils occupied when they have to stay indoors

Task 2

I like a paragraph basically stating the follow, but reworded more professionally –
My main career goal is to work together with individuals of all ages, and from all different backgrounds, proving tuition lessons in basic literacy & numeracy & information technology to improve basic life skills & improve employability.