Approaches related to change and innovation.

  1. Name and Description of Each Artifact
    1.) Roots of Systems Thinking (u02a1): EDD 8306 – . Systems and Theories of Organizational Dynamics and Change. Completed on 10/21/2018.
    2.) AR Center: Best Practices in Action Research (u08d2): EDD 8302 – Becoming a Critical Consumer of Action Research. Completed on 08/30/2018.
  2. Purpose of the Artifacts
    In regards to completing the Roots of Systems Thinking artifact and its purpose, the idea rationale was to create a summarization which decided the level of learners understanding regarding the historical and theoretical roots of system theory. This artifact provided the ability to express system concepts of interconnectedness, reinforcing processes, causal loops and system archetypes. Additionally, the artifact showed how the educational principles and practices at XYZ High School that I am affiliated with were aligned with the systems thinking concepts.
    In regards to completing the AR Center: Best Practices in Action Research assignment and its purpose, I read through a number of sources about action research. I looked for common threads throughout each resource. Typically, when several sources discuss the same practices, those practices can be considered “best practices”. I also used what I learned from reading several examples of action research dissertations to see how these practices are applied in an actual action research project.
  3. The Artifact as Evidence
    Explain (2–4 paragraphs) how each artifact serves as evidence of having met the program outcome. Note: This should answer the “so-what” question. Why are you including this particular artifact over others?