Architecture Theory Final Paper

Architecture Theory Final Paper

Project description
This paper is about an architectural convention that we had to choose, i choose to do mine on PLAN

This paper is based on two other paper written previously below i will write my professors feedback on it. i will also be attaching the paper for your help.
The fist research paper was good no comments as it was just a paper where i had to find quotes and reference.

The second papers comment was
“text and the research are all over the map! i have no real clue that you are engaging the idea of the plan or understanding the dept of the reference you are using. this makes no sense.

she recommended to use the “ching book” asked for chronological definition, plan definition narrow down the resources to 2-3 books!
she thinks the zaha hadid reference if good

The guidelines for the final paper are as follows:
1) The final paper is the written result of the research that you have conducted for Papers 1 and 2. It is one long essay describing the architectural element, the ways in which that element have been understood conventionally, traditionally or normatively in architecture, the ways that the conventional understanding has changed (or not changed!) in the last 30+ years, and AT LEAST one project for each “side” of the story.
2) The description of the project is not a general description – it is a specific description of the specific element you have chosen!
3) Paper 3 will add in the dimension of theory – that is some human reason WHY this element has changed (or not changed). Is there a shift in human consciousness? Did humans change their basic kinship and social structures? Was there a great economic change? THIS IS THE THEORY PART! It requires outside perspective – ie. an essay on philosophy, sociology, economics (humanism, structuralism, post-structuralism, phenomenology, marxism….) – that is SPECIFICALLY referred to in your text. Describe the essay, discuss the perspective, fit it into the equation of how the element changes (or not).
4) Paper 3 must be at least 1500 words. Write it in Word! Use the Footnote function in the Insert tab.
5) Proper grammar, punctuation, citation ARE A MUST! Your grade will be docked severely if you cannot prove to me that you can write and format a college-level humanities essay in the United States.
6) Include images but please caption them and print them at a legible size.


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