Write 5-10 sentences explaining your reaction to his work and speech. Do you face or have you faced any limitations, physical or mental, like Phil’s? If so, what are a few creative actions or steps that you could implement into your daily life to discover your limitless potential? Instead of being a victim to the struggle, how could you become the victor?
If you do not feel limited, but instead overwhelmed, are there too many obstacles in your life? Too many distractions? How could you limit some of these in order to be more productive and responsible as a student and socially responsible human being?
2. Chris Jordan Daily Assignment After watching the TED talk by Chris Jordan:
http://Www.ted.comitalksichris jordan_pictures_some_shocking_stats?language=en and viewing his series Running the Numbers 1 & 2 on his website:
Write 5-10 sentences explaining a social or political statistic or issue that you think would be good inspiration for one of his works of art. Explain what and how he could visually represent this statistic and bring awareness to the cause. Also, explain why you chose this topic. What does it mean to you?