Art Analysis Project


This assignment Will Consist of (3) Parts: Part (2)

Step Two Instructions: (Submit 4 Pages)

1) Find at least 3 scholarly source in the ONLINE Library and at least one source in video relevant to your work.

2) How to find sources: if you can not find a source specifically on the artwork you chose, you can look for a source on another work of art by the same artist and see how the insights of the source apply to the artwork you chose. You can also look for sources that are about the context of your artwork, even if they do not discuss the artwork you are analyzing directly.

3) a ) Summarize your sources.

b) Describe how one or more insights from your sources apply to the artwork you are analyzing.

c) Discuss any ways you might disagree with the source or how you see the artwork you are analyzing challenging the arguments presented by the source.

4) Find a way to integrate your description of the text with your discussion of the context. For example, if your source talks about how the green dots in the artwork reflect the brash color palette of the information age, then insert that observation into your paper right after your description of the green dots.

5) Submit your 4 page draft

Avoid Plagiarism: You are expected to complete this assignment IN YOUR OWN WORDS using only the textbook and the assigned lecture materials. Please do not do any additional research and DO NOT CUT AND PASTE information from the internet.