Art history

Topic: Art history

Order Description
Choose 2 works of art:
1. David, Death of Socrates (Neoclassicism)

2. Fragonard, Blind Man’s Bluff (Rococo)

1) Provide a thorough description of the work – as though you were describing it for a blind person, and while you are describing what you see use as much art history terminology as you can, and use your skills for looking and describing that you developed in the last few weeks.

2) Discuss how you can tell – from what you see – that the work of art is from the period/style it is from ((High Renaissance, Baroque in Italy, Baroque in the Dutch Republic, etc…). ALWAYS support ALL your statements with specifics from the work of art. Generalizations that are unsupported will not count!

3) Discuss the historical period that the work was created in.