Article Analysis


Reading Report Instructions

Choose any article that interests you from a reliable source. You may choose an article on current events, social issues, your field, or any topic that you like. Some sources that students often use include: CNN, New York Times, BBC, Newsela, Science Daily, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and the Atlantic. Some students use articles from their field of study.

Read the article carefully and try to understand the main points and details. Find some new vocabulary and idioms that you can learn from the article.

Then, write a short summary of the article in your own words. If you use more than four words in a row directly from the article, remember that you are quoting, so you must mark the words as a quote. Try to use mainly paraphrasing in your summary, and use quotes only if they express an idea especially well. Include only the author’s ideas in the summary, not your own.

After your summary, respond to the article with your own reaction and opinions. You can agree, disagree, or respond to the article in any way that you like.

Finally, list at least five new words or idioms that you learned from the article.


It should be in this format

Title of Article:




Five new words: