Articulation practices for culture

Meeting: For each meeting you will be use the list of questions (following pages) as a discussion starter. You may give your partner a copy of the list of questions before meeting to help them think ahead about what you want to share.
Format: Draft and Final paper are written in APA format with 1st and 2nd level headings.
To earn a superior grade, your report must go beyond minimum questions to leam extensively about your partner’s culture/subculture and provide a thoughtful, reflective approach rather than a mere description.
On the cover page for each report, list your name, country of origin/culture and your partner’s name. country of origin/culture. Attach grade sheet, to front or back of report.
Cultural Sharing Project (Suggested meeting format- face to face, online, or ????) Meeting 1 A. Describe your partner according to age. gender. Describe yourself to your partner answering the same questions. Explain the writing and learning project.
B. Ask about your partner’s family. How many brothers and sisters does he/she have? Are his/her parents alive and if so, married, divorced. or remarried? Do they have any children and if so how many and are they boys/girls? Do members of the partne(s extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) live in the same house or close to each other? Answer the same questions for yourself.

  1. A. Ask your partner to describe the articulation practices for their culture, how they are represented in dressing the body. Do the same for yourself and share with your partner.
    B. Ask your partner about past and present dress articulation practices to achieve the described appearance. Compare practices with those for yourself.
  2. Talk about dress articulation practices for you and your partner wom and practiced on a daily basis, compare and
    contrast your findings.