Arts Encounter

Arts Encounter Paper 2 will give you the opportunity to experience EITHER a performance of a play by William Shakespeare OR a classic Alfred Hitchcock film. Choice A: Much Ado About Nothing: To access the recording of the performance of Much Ado About Nothing, go to this link: The 1984 BBC version with Robert Lindsay and Cherie Lunghi is on Kanopy: (Links to an external site.). Log in with your BYU ID. OR The 1993 Kenneth Branaugh & Emma Thompson version is available on Amazon Prime if you have access to that. The Paper: Your paper should focus on a specific aspect or element of the play you choose to watch, and present a critical response centered around that specific aspect or element. You may choose to examine a certain character, the significance of costuming decisions in the production, a pivotal scene, a central theme, how the performance style affects the play, etc. The supporting details in your paper should focus on both elements of the text of the play, and elements of the live performance. Here is the breakdown of what the instructor wants: INTRODUCTION: (1 PARAGRAPH) – The introduction section of your paper should cover all of the following: – Acquaint the reader with the cultural event you attended or the art you observed – Present any relevant background information about the work (this may include information about a specific work, artist, performer, etc.) – Convey your general impression of the event or work – Focus on a specific, narrow aspect or element of the event which you wish to discuss in more detail. – Present a thesis statement telling the reader (1) what your focus will be and (2) why. CRITICAL RESPONSE: (1.5-2 PAGES) – The critical response section of your paper should: – Develop clear and organized paragraphs which support the thesis statement point by point – Utilize specific supporting details from the work itself to illuminate and substantiate the claims of the thesis statement PERSONAL RESPONSE (1-2 PARAGRAPHS) – The personal response section of your paper should cover all of the following: – Continue to focus on some of the same elements and ideas discussed in the critical response section of your paper – Relate specific personal connection(s) you made with the cultural event (this connection can be to your field of study, a personal experience, gospel doctrine or applications, etc.) – Deal in specifics, not in general platitudes.