Asian Pacific American Heritge


Make an introduction speech for a GALA. The GALA is for a non-profit organization called APAHA (Asian Pacific American Heritage Association). The organization mission is to recognize and promote awareness and increase Asian American and Pacific Islander understanding of culture, diversity, and accomplishments through education and celebration. In short…″promoting Asian Pacific Islander culture through education and celebration″. My views and direction for this organization is that APAHA needs to continue to educate our children and the community about the importance of its own Asian history and culture while at the same time educating people who are not familiar about Asian cultures. At the same time Asian American needs to embrace being an American but never lose face where they originated from. Never forget your pass because that is what made you who you are today. I attached last year opening speach as a reference. Same mission but different agenda for the year. I also started a draft but my brain started to slow down. I need you to please clean it up. If it neesd to be redone then please start from stratch. I can udpate the cost scope of the project if needed.