ASPIRE Post Over Chapter 23

Using the ASPIRE model, analyze and discuss three out of six of the ASPIRE elements as they relate to the textbook chapter and the supplemental sources provided for this lesson.

A-aesthetics (art, architecture, fashion, etc.)
S-social (having to do with people/groups and their relationships to one another)
P-political (politics, suffrage, law)
I-intellectual (ideas, concepts, science, and prevailing wisdom)
R-religious (religion, church, religious dogma, religious texts)
E-economic (labor, capital, trade, taxation, profit, etc.)

-Use the textbook (George Tindall, David Shi. America: The Essential Learning Edition, 1st edition, V2, New: Norton, 2015.)
-Use at least one of the supplemental sources attached.
-Please cite the name of the source, and when citing the textbook please cite the name of the two authors as well as the page numbers.
-If you are unable to locate the textbook or find an online version, please message me ASAP.