1. Use (a) a “personal example to clearly describe Skinner’s principles of Operant Conditioning. Be sure to (b) underline the different parts of your example using at least “3” terms/concepts learned from the reading.
2. Give (a) “personal example of one of your own anxieties or fears (e.g., an aversion to or discomfort with a situation) you think might have developed as a result of Classical Conditioning; (b) in your answer use at least “3” terms/concepts learned from the reading on classical conditioning. Be sure to Bold or Underline these 3 concepts in your answer.
3. Identify (a) all levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and (b) identify where you feel you spend more of your time based on this hierarchy and (c) why. Be sure to bold or underline the key hierarchy terms.
4. Identify (a) ways memories and be distorted; and (b) give a personal example of a time when you subsequently realized your memory was distorted. Be sure to Bold or Underline these 4 memory distortions in your answer.

Do you think same-sex marriages should be legally sanctioned in all states? Why or Why not?

Do you think existing same-sex marriages in California should be voided or overturned? Why or Why not?