Assess Styles and Strengths


This assignment has 2 parts. Over the course of a day, keep track of the forms of communication that you use. Then complete the following 2 parts:

Part 1 — Make a pie chart of how much time you think you spend in an average day engaging in each form of communication (intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, public and mass). Add a paragraph that discusses how strong or weak you think you currently are in each of these forms. Here is a free online tool to create and download a simple pie chart, although you may use others:

Part 2 — Describe an instance of communications with someone by using one of the 2 communication models the Interaction Model (Fig. 1.2, p. 17) or the Transaction Model (Fig. 1.3, p. 18). Be sure to use some of the terms mentioned by Jones in your answer. [Use the attached artwork for your chosen model of communication in your paper if you desire.]

Oversimplified Example: Transmission model of communication: I (the sender) sent a text message (channel = via technology) that said (“Are you up?” = message) to my friend (D’Wan = receiver).